maison personne agee

logement pour aines
residence de retraite

Make the most of our optimal area close to the Pius XI connect and the focal point of nature.



Our seniors’ habitation is near enhancements, for example, transport, supermarket, drug store, budgetary establishment, eateries and bistros. Go along with us to cause a meeting with us, to survey your needs together and orchestrate a visit.


Take a tour of our homes for autonomous retirees.


It is significant for us to guarantee that you are furnished with a living domain where you can be cheerful and advance with genuine feelings of serenity. Reconnaissance cameras and controlled access passageways will guarantee your wellbeing in the solace of your private condo. Furthermore, the four-story solid structure gives most extreme soundproofing.


our retirement home offers.


There’s a typical misinterpretation about homes for the older. Numerous individuals believe they’re just for the individuals who are debilitated or biting the dust, however this isn’t the situation by any means. Those kinds of offices, similar to hospices, do exist and are great choices for guaranteeing the consideration of a friend or family member. Be that as it may, there are offices that offer remarkable facilities for the dynamic old, as well.

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