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Looking good helps you to feel beautiful. A beautiful skin catches every glance and adds the confidence to your personality. A perfect idea for healthy skin is not a myth anymore. Since childhood, most of the people experience young and glowing skin which fades away with time. Several lifestyle changes make our skin suffer from distortion.

One of the leading problems faced by people is “mole”. Although they feel harmless but in real, they may be hiding more than just pigmentation. The reality behind moles depends largely on their reason to be formed. They could be anywhere. One your face, body even on lips.

Moles are basically skin growths which are dark in color. They can be singular or in group form. It is normal to have moles but the situation becomes alarming when you have a bunch of moles or the size of a mole is increasing. In normal cases, people with 30-40 moles on their body are considered normal whereas more than this number, mole become an issue for you. As the time passes, moles may change, they may become raised or flat, they may change color, they may grow or reduce in size, they may scatter and form a colony of moles etc. some of them may not change at all. Such moles are not at all a problem and you shouldn’t be worried about them.

How Are Moles Formed?

Moles are nothing but skin cells which start accumulating in a heap instead of spreading evenly on skin. They come close and form a cluster which looks like a big skin growth. These cells are termed as melanocytes and are responsible for giving the skin color pigment to our skin. Some of them may turn darker when exposed to the sun, some of them may not show any change at all.

Types Of Moles

Moles are also called congenital nevi when they are part of the body since birth. Although this is not common and only one in hundred people get that. These moles are alarming and should constantly watch for any changes. Among all the skin cancer cases, mostly are developed from congenital nevi. By the time they grow and form melanoma which is a type of cancer. Moles and freckles should not be confused with each other. Childhood marks have to be watched for any changes till teens. If a mole or freckle size exceeds the size of a pencil eraser, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Another type of moles is dysplastic nevi which are the large moles of the body, uncommon and harmful. They are of a huge diameter and irregularly scattered on skin. Their color may or may not be even. In a case of an uneven patch, the center would be dark and edges would be lighter. These moles have a potential to develop into melanoma too. People who have dysplastic nevi are more likely to suffer from melanoma which is a type of skin cancer. Zeta White

How To Check Moles?

The majority of the moles are not dangerous. The moles which develop into cancer are different than the normal moles. Their outlook defines their different type too. A regular personal checkup is necessary for evaluating moles on a personal level. A sudden change in size, color, texture or shape should not be ignored at all. Also, moles should be get checked by the dermatologist if they bleed, itch or pain. A personal examination can be done with the help of a mirror. Special attention areas are hands, arms, legs, chest , back, neck, and ears. If you have a mole from birth which is not changing at all, you should not be worried. All the moles can be treated if diagnosed on time. Even the harmless moles can be burned by cosmetic surgeries by an expert dermatologist.

What Is Melanoma?

Melanoma is a type of skin cancer. It is more likely to attack men on their chest and back areas. As for women, it hits the thighs and lower leg parts. It is the most common form of cancer among young people. Every year increased a number of people are being reported for its incidence. Most of the cases go unreported because of a late or false diagnose. For a treatment and good health, it is important to get it checked on time so that it may not reach to a higher level of disease.

Treatment Of Moles

Surgical: Moles are absolutely treatable. A dermatologist examines and diagnoses the mole with the most appropriate level in case of a health concern. If he believes that the mole needs to be further studies, he may suggest a skin biopsy which is a medical procedure to study the skin at cellular level. A section of skin is removed by cutting surgically and evaluated in the laboratory under a microscope for structural changes at cellular level. This is not any harmful or painful procedure, it is simple and requires less time for accurate evaluation. Even if the mole is cancerous, it is removed by the dermatologist so it would not spread. If the dermatologist suggests the mole to be cancerous, it would be cut and removed completely. The wound would be stitched and skin will re-grow on it.  Surgically removing a would remove the risk of cancer.

Topical Treatment: There are many commercial products which help to remove moles from the skin. If used on an early level, they prevent the spread of mole too. Skinade is one of such products which is suggested to remove the moles with ease. It is an herbal based formula which makes it a safe choice. Skinade cream not only removes mole but also it helps to reduce freckles and warts. It is advised to wash the area before applying Skinade, then it is applied only to the affected are and washed after half an hour. With a regular routine, moles tend to reduce only in seven days. For larger and resistant moles, they duration can be increased which is absolutely safe. The prolonged duration caused even the most stubborn moles to go away. Since Skinade is a painless cream, there is no harm in using it for a long time. It can even be used on sensitive areas where it gives maximum results. It is advised to use topical treatments like Skinade at an early level so that you don’t have to pay for expensive cosmetic treatments and surgeries.

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